Chugach Management Services, Inc Admissions Counselor in Lynn, Massachusetts

Summary/General Description of Job:

The incumbent conducts professional eligibility determinations, interviews applicants, and assesses youth to make recommendations for program enrollment. Effective evaluation, enrollment recommendation and overall retention of students is the primary and key responsibility of this position. This includes identifying the applicant, determining applicant eligibility for suitability and commitment to ensure program retention.

Essential Duties & Job Functions:

  • Markets Job Corps to One Stop Centers, schools, social service agencies, foster care organizations, youth programs and other appropriate organizations to promote referral of applicants who are eligible to participate in the Job Corps programs.

  • Provides applicants with accurate information about Job Corps, to include program requirements for graduation, program expectations such as student rules, zero tolerance policy and current Center program offerings.

  • Independently assesses, verifies and documents eligibility for Job Corps programs, as well as making appropriate enrollment approvals of selected students to meet Center goals and program commitment.

  • Enters all information involving applicant eligibility criteria and additional enrollment factors in Outreach and Admissions Student Information System (OASIS).

  • Uploads and submits all data electronically while protecting personally identifiable information

  • Recruits to meet student occupancy and retention goals based on contract requirements.

  • Monitors and tracks the enrollee through the first 90-days of the program to ensure attendance and retention issues are met.

  • Conducts center tours for applicants, parents and referral sources.

  • Provides information on Job Corps to interested youth and agencies.

  • Independently researches and assesses readiness and suitability of applicants to participate in Job Corps.

  • Assists applicants in developing a career and employability plan, utilizing the electronic Personal Career Development Plan (ePCDP).

  • Obtains all additional information necessary to evaluate eligibility, complete applications accurately, and submit through the Quality Control process.

  • Follows all Quality Control processes for file submission and maintenance.

  • Ensures quality case notes are entered for each contact with applicants; updates case notes for no-shows and applicants who are no longer interested.

  • Notifies applicants of acceptance and assignment.

  • Facilitates departure/arrival of applicants’ travel and coordinates needed assistance from referral source and/or parents.

  • Files weekly and monthly outreach and achievement reports to the Sr. AC and or OA Manager as directed.

  • Counsels inappropriate or ineligible applicants regarding alternative programs and agencies and makes referrals.

  • Maintains a resource file for recruitment/outreach and referral purposes.

  • Provides ongoing outreach and updates all resource files.

  • Maintains the highest level of integrity, professionalism and ethics in all actions as a Chugach employee.

  • Performs related work as assigned.

Accountable For:

  • Working independently and makes decisions based on the best interest of Chugach as it pertains to our successful operation of the Job Corps Center(s)

  • Completing all mandated training requirements per government and management directives.

  • Timely and cost effective performance of duties.

  • Ability to effectively communicate and present information to students, management and line staff, corporate and DOL personnel and public groups.

  • Ability to develop rapport and positive working relationships with all departments and community members.

  • Timely completion and accuracy of all departmental work.

  • Dealing with a variety of people in a professional, courteous manner in diversified situations.

  • Adherence to established company safety policies and ability to work in a safe manner, using any required personal protective equipment (PPE) as may be required.

  • Compliance with company standard operating procedures and personnel policies and procedures.


  • Bachelor’s degree in human services, psychology, counseling, education, social science, communications, or closely related field

    o Associate’s degree in human services, psychology, counseling, education, social science, communications, or closely related field, and two years related experience may be substituted for the Bachelor’s degree. Experience may include successful Job Corps outreach and admissions experience or successful outreach and admissions experience with other youth development programs.

  • 1 year experience in sales, marketing, or counseling.

  • Successfully pass background check and/drug test required on the contract.

  • Current, valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.


  • Bachelor’s degree.

  • Previous Job Corps program experience.

Title: Admissions Counselor

Location: Massachusetts-Lynn

Requisition ID: LYN10000