Utilities Service, LLC Lead Relay Test Technician in Foxboro, Massachusetts

Company Overview:

American Electrical Testing Co., Inc. (AET) maintains a staff of highly trained engineers and technicians offering project management, value added engineering, design, power system studies and complete field testing services for acceptance and maintenance of electrical power systems and equipment from low voltage through extra high voltage.

Since 1981, AET has been a national provider of substation commissioning, acceptance testing and maintenance services to electrical transmission, distribution and generation clients, as well as large users of electrical power. AET has evolved into a successful industry leader and one of the largest independent electrical testing companies in North America. AET is NETA (International Electrical Testing Association) certified and maintains full member status. In 2009, AET was acquired by UtiliCon Solutions, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Asplundh Tree Expert Company.

Special Requirements

  • Must be capable of leading a relay installation and commissioning project

  • Understand bill of material list and recognize missing materials and where scope may have overlooked critical elements.

  • Must be capable of working with all types of microprocessor, solid state and electro-mechanical relays

  • Must be proficient with all types of SEL relays particularly SEL351, 387, 501, 701, 2515, 2032

  • Simulate the operation of all alarms and functional test the new SEL relays for reliability and accuracy

  • Must be proficient with Doble ProTest, SEL5010, SEL acSELerator software

  • Clear understanding on how to read prints and determine how to isolate risk and/or what needs to be blocked without jeopardizing critical protective schemes.

Must be experienced in writing and executing thorough procedures:

  • Ability to logically think through an entire project and identify order of the job flow from start to finish which provides the least error likely environment.

  • Review prints and existing conditions and identify potential traps that may create inadvertent trips.

  • Determine when manuals, technical support should be referenced.

  • Understand when to stop work and investigate further.

  • Ability to independently review a procedure and identify missing steps, critical risk and correct order.

  • Capable of executing relay procedures and track progress using both verbal and visual validation during critical steps.

  • Able to avoid being distracted while executing procedures.

  • Must be capable of indentifying possible design errors using old and new drawings and existing conditions. Then make corrections to new drawings.

  • Must have good communications skills and attitude to work with other substation disciplines to create a safe and human error free environment

  • Be experienced using three phase relay test sets

  • Experienced in testing inputs and outputs of a microprocessor and solid state relays

  • Experienced with terminating fiber optic cables used on SEL relays

  • Ability to test and commission CT’s and PT’s.

  • Be experienced with testing relays using Doble ProTest and/or RTS software

  • Be experienced using automated CT tester

  • Complete and timely submit all Test files, Doble Protest or RTS files, commissioning documents, red mark drawing, and timesheets

  • Must have sufficient eye sight to judge distances and coordination to get and use the appropriate equipment and tools.

  • Must be able to operate and service all required tools and test equipment.

  • Must have excellent communication and leadership skills.

  • Must have organization skills and be able to multi-task.

  • Must be able to handle confrontational and stressful situations.


  • Works around hazardous equipment.

  • Works in proximity to energized equipment lines.

  • Works in all temperatures and weather.

  • Work may be performed at varying heights above ground.

  • May work on unlevel terrain.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the industry and the requirements to work with or around hazardous equipment, employees must be able to maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time.

  • Must be able to wear necessary PPE as per task assigned.

  • Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.

  • Must be able to enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day.

  • Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e. rain, heat, sun, cold.

  • Must be able to write, read and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/information.

  • Must be able to utilize a computer or other typing device as well as utilize any related programs

  • Must be able to walk, climb, and work from ladders, or at various heights, on uneven and slippery surfaces, performing mentally/physically demanding work under unfavorable weather conditions while handling equipment or material.

  • Must have no fear of heights.

  • Must be able to lift, move and maneuver heavy weights up to 50 pounds on an infrequent basis, but up to 10 pounds on a frequent basis.

  • Must have endurance necessary to perform these duties throughout a standard eight or ten hour day. Must be able to work long hours and overtime during outages, cut overs, and emergencies (including holidays, weekends, etc. Subject to call out work).

  • Receives and interprets orders initiated by the Area Manager or Supervisor of the utility, involving the understanding of drawings and symbols representing types of lines, voltages, equipment, etc.

  • Plans and lays out daily work for crew.

  • Assigns work for individual crew members and directs crew in carrying out work according to accepted Testing practices. Must be capable of adjusting to field requirements to take independent action without close supervision.

  • Enforces safe work practices, as experience, judgment, company policy, and OSHA specify. Is responsible for safety training in accordance with company policies and procedures.

  • Obtains oral or written permission from owners to take outages. Arranges with customer or owner to obtain access, advises of interruption, explains work to be done, etc.

  • Promotes and maintains good customer and public relations through effective accomplishment of assigned work and the appropriate behavior of employees on the crew.

  • Maintains accurate records, timesheets and reports related to the performance of the crew operation. Furnishes Area Manager and utility representative with reports of orders completed, units of work completed, crew time, and distribution, etc. Periodically furnishes reports on incidents, truck breakdowns, private property damage, new employee follow –up etc. May be delegated the authority to investigate incident reports, damage claims, etc.

  • Controls crew costs, including effective use of work methods, operation of equipment, etc.

  • Safeguards the public from hazards in and around work area. Cooperates with customers, police, and fire departments when blocking streets or driveways. Sets up barriers, warning signs, flags, markers, etc. to protect employees and public.

  • Inspects and makes or provides for necessary repairs to tools, truck, and other equipment.

  • Maintains good housekeeping on truck and at work location.

  • Keeps informed on new equipment, specifications, standard practices, operating procedures, customer and company employee relations/policies and practices.

  • Conducts field training/retraining and instructs crew on new or revised job units.

  • In emergency situations, determines action to be taken to eliminate hazards to life and property.

  • Assumes responsibility for the inspection and proper working conditions of tools, truck, and other work equipment. Requests repair or replacement, when necessary. Maintains good housekeeping on truck and at work locations.

General Physical Requirements:
















Rarely = less than 10%

Occasionally =up to 33

Frequently = up to 66%

Continuously = 67% to 100%



Range of Motion


Hearing - Speech Range


Depth Perception

Body Twisting

Color Vision



Sense of Touch


Manual Dexterity


Speaking Clearly


Seeing Distant

Climbing Ladders

Climbing On/Off Truck

Climbing Stairs




Lifting up to 10 lbs

Lifting over 10 lbs to 50 lbs

Lifting over 50 lbs