Entertainment Cruises Restaurant Manager in Boston, Massachusetts

Restaurant Manager

Location:Boston, MA

Job Code:1350

of openings:1

Pay range:


Job title: Restaurant Manager

Department: Food & Beverage

FLSA status: Exempt

Reports to: Director of Food & Beverage

Job Summary:

Inspired by our commitment to excellence, the food & beverage team at our Company* creates unforgettable memories for our guests. The successful Restaurant Manager will successfully direct and oversee all activities of the dining cabin and galley to ensure high-quality food and drinks, hospitable and efficient customer service, and profitable operations.

Essential Functions:

Customer Service:

  • Provide exceptional hospitality to guests and shipmates as prescribed in Our Service System (OSS)

  • Rotate as shift manager and ensure adherence to cruise scripts, supervision of staff, quality meal service and entertainment

  • Gather necessary information from other departments to ensure guest satisfaction (special requests, additional services, special timing, etc.)

  • Conduct pre-cruise meetings and communicate to employees all necessary information regarding the cruise (seating charts, special bar packages, boarding procedures)

  • Maintain highest standards of safety for customers and staff

  • Maintain highest standards of sanitation in accordance with local regulation and corporate guidelines

  • Develop and execute programs that improve the level of service and product quality

Leadership and Teamwork:

  • Lead by example; maintain highest level of professionalism, integrity, and strong work habits

  • Develop strong teamwork within the crew

  • Assist in hiring, training, and development of all restaurant shipmates

  • Help develop and execute shipmate incentive programs

  • Maintain good working relationships with other departments (marine, sales, and administration)


  • Attend all scheduled meetings

  • Operate all restaurant systems (point of sale, inventory/purchasing system, reservations system)

  • Reconcile onboard cash and credit sales with the point of sale system

  • Review timekeeping records for each shift to ensure accuracy

  • Create schedule for assigned department ensuring proper staffing within budgeted guidelines

  • Other duties as assigned by management


The successful Restaurant Manager will personally contribute to the unforgettable guest experience, will be favorably viewed by supervisors and peers, and will be swift and efficient in the execution of their assigned duties. Performance will be measured by guest satisfaction scores, departmental tests, management evaluation, and feedback from peers on the city’s team.

Job Specifications / qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required

  • Minimum of five (5) years of total restaurant experience in full-service, high volume environment

  • Must have supervisory experience

  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred

  • Responsible alcohol service requirements—TIPS Certification preferred

  • Responsible for meeting health department sanitation codes & requirements—ServSafe Certification preferred

  • Moderate computer skills are essential; will frequently work with Microsoft office products as well as point of sale system and web-based applications

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships

  • Must be able to listen effectively, assesses the situation, determine relevant issues, identify solutions and gain consensus

*For purposes of this job description only, references to the ‘Company’ are to the following subsidiaries of Entertainment Cruises, Inc.: Premier Yachts, Inc., Mystic Blue Cruises, Inc., Seadog Ventures, Inc., Spirit Cruises, LLC., and Potomac Riverboat Company, LLC. You are employed by one of these subsidiaries, not by Entertainment Cruises, Inc.

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