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Interested in Robotics? We are currently seeking a SystemTechnician who is passionately interested in working with robots, performing Alpha/Beta testing, fixing, altering and managing the flow of prototype iterations. Also help with managing the maturity and distribution of the results for our fleet of robots or machines. The ideal candidate has a blend of hands-on technical cleverness, a mind suited to managing the details of builds and fleet configurations, and the leadership skills to accomplish much through the hands of a well deployed team. Excellent communication skills are required.


  • Associate Degree in an engineering discipline is a must

  • Some years of related experience with electromechanical Systems

  • Experience with software and scripting language like Python is required

  • Strong technical acumen and ability to simplify complex matters into simple instructions

  • Strong attention to detail and fondness for organization and clarity, ideally in the context of a manufacturing production line or rework line

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to accept W2 hourly employment is required

If you meet or beat those minimum requirements and have a passion for (and history of working with) state of the art technologies, give me a call or send resume to receive complete job details

Amy Cody-Quinn Sr. Recruiter (866) 360-4676


Bedford , MA

Minimum Experience (yrs):


Required Education: